A computer within a game on a computer…?

The game in question is Minecraft. A game built by Markus Persson and his team since May 10, 2009 currently in it’s alpha form is steadily growing a cult following. The original aim of the game was for you to “place blocks while running from skeletons”. This however seems to have taken a backseat to the … Continue reading

E-books killing the bookshop?

Having just watched an advert for the Amazon Kindle on TV, it got me thinking about all the E-book readers available at the moment along with the increasingly popular Apple iBook store. Can technology really replace books, or is this a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist? With an E-reader you can literally carry hundreds, … Continue reading

Insects embedded with technology

Insects and technology have always been closely linked. Scientists and engineers continually look at insects for inspiration on wing design, vision and other characteristic. NASA Scientists are studying insects to improve their rover designs and planetary probes, and some of the most advanced air planes come from the way insects fly. The most manoeuvrable and efficient design features really … Continue reading

Google Instant, what is it all about and how it affects SEO

Google Instant: Some people are screaming the death of SEO, others are saying it will make no difference. Some love it, some find it like an annoying friend trying to finish your sentences. It’s still early days so most is speculation for now but below is some basic info and theories on how it may … Continue reading

Once in a life"time" event

A momentous occasion I felt should be shared with all.  Seems today at 7 seconds and 6 minutes past 5 it will be 5:06:07 08/09/10. Apparently it won’t happen again until the year 3010. Another example of one of those once in a lifetime (no pun intended) events that slip us by without us realising.

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