A technology blog discussing anything influenced and related with Technology in the modern world

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Thank you for visiting my blog about  insights into all things related to technology, gadgets, gaming, software, the web, or anything else.

Here is a list of posts so far (in reverse chronological order):

Valve is looking into controlling games with your eyes!

How a Tsunami early warning system works

19 things you didn’t know about Star Wars

A lightswitch that controls your entire floor!

A digitally enhanced, interactive pool table!

An intuitive take on protecting your data from viruses

Help power the road by walking!

Sniper ballistics calculator for the military? There’s an App for that!

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Beam some light into your brain!

A post a week to keep the doctor away

Flexible ePaper: the future of display screens.

Tissot making a leap in Augmented Reality shopping

Even your fridge will embrace touchscreen technology soon!

Would you drive a transparent car?

The promise of the flying car still unfulfilled?

Holograms, have we done it or just a visual trick?

Ever wanted a Millennium Falcon? here are the blueprints

A glorified wheelchair or new age of getting around?

The concept behind the world of Tron

The real life starship Voyager

Wearable transportation, the dawn of the cyborg?

A tablet concept that could blow the iPad out of the water

Clothing goes hi-tech

Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel are world champions

Engineers attach a Formula 1 simulator to a robotic arm

Is Google creating too much “noise” in search engine results?

Augmented Reality… I can’t wait for it to really kick off!

Do we really need another way of typing on mobile devices?

Will Facebook Places be the deathknell for similar services like Foursquare?

Fancy turning your TV into a multi-touch screen? Now you can


Finally a decent budget alternative to the iPad that you could justify?

Should game cinematics be the new type of motion picture?

A computer within a game on a computer…?

E-books killing the bookshop?

Insects embedded with technology

Google Instant, what is it all about and how it affects SEO

Once in a life”time” event

What makes World of Warcraft so addictive… for me?

Is the web dying?

Steampunk technology

One Response to “A technology blog discussing anything influenced and related with Technology in the modern world”
  1. I wonder who will be next? Who will be the first Google, Apple, Microsoft? Thank Ator, very instructive.

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