Is the web dying?

Over the past few years we’ve been using the web less and less and turning to the Internet more than ever before.  What effect, if any, will this have on SEO businesses?
The way we are using the Internet is dramatically changing which has resulted in a move away from the conventional websites via our browsers and more into the app driven world.  News aggregators like RSS readers, social networks, various app stores, mobile devices, and downloadable programs are being used more widely and all of these access the Internet, but not the web.
People are more open to using something if it is simple to use, hassle free, and performs it’s function flawlessly. This is much easier to achieve with closed apps designed and developed for one or two specific tasks.
If an app is easy to use and performs a task well it’s unsurprising that people would be happy to pay for it (negating the need for advertising) over using a more complex, but free, website. For example, people use iTunes and pay a small fee for songs because it is a convenient way to manage your music library all in one app on your computer or mobile device. The free alternative is either to find low quality clips scattered on the web, which often can’t be saved locally, or to download songs illegally via a possibly unsecure bit torrent site.
This has potential to change the way SEO companies and digital advertisers do business. On-site audits, link building campaigns, advertising and performance tracking in their current guise could be under serious threat of redundancy if this trend continues. Due to their closed nature, specific task focus and reduced space for ads, apps are notoriously difficult to break into with advertising – making it more difficult to track traffic and conversions for businesses.
Evolution is needed for these companies, the web will always have it’s uses but how we use it in the future will be an important question to ask. Especially for SEO companies who may need to investigate new methods and services to stay ahead of the game.

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