A computer within a game on a computer…?

The game in question is Minecraft. A game built by Markus Persson and his team since May 10, 2009 currently in it’s alpha form is steadily growing a cult following.

The original aim of the game was for you to “place blocks while running from skeletons”. This however seems to have taken a backseat to the Free Building Mode, where people are doing less running from skeletons and placing blocks in ways that they are now building cities, vehicles and machines.
One such person going under the name of Theinternetftw, Driven by his desire to learn about the inner workings of a computer and inspired by The Elements of Computing Systems – The MIT Press, is in the process of designing and building a virtual city-sized working computer, within Minecraft using nothing but blocks, torches and some burning oil “wires”.
At the moment he has completed a 16-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU) which will eventually make an essential part of the computer’s central processing unit (CPU) which is responsible for basic forms of arithmetic and logical functions.
Next on the cards is some memory and the rest of the components that will allow the computer to compile and run some basic programs. 

A very interesting project, one that takes a large amount of planning and time to troubleshoot, and tweak. Something to definitely keep an eye on to see how the in-game computer will develop.

Another great example of the capabilities and power of what seems to be a very simple computer game still in its alpha development phase. Who knows what people will be able to create once the game reaches it’s final stages of development.

Below is a video of Theinternetftw giving a run through of his computer in Minecraft.


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