Finally a decent budget alternative to the iPad that you could justify?

Since the iPad came out I’ve been looking around for an alternative that I could justify to myself for buying. The iPad in my opinion is a stylish thing, but too limiting in how it lets you work with it. Also if you have an iPhone/iTouch, I personally don’t see the point.
Most tablets are smaller than the iPad, aren’t as responsive, come with clunky interfaces, and are more expensive than an iPad (Samsung Galaxy Tab for example starting at £600, the price of iPad’s most expensive model).
Then I found out about the Advent Vega. A tablet the size of an iPad, with the latest Android OS from Google, decent specs and only costs £250, and it has practically the same stylish looks.
Granted no 3G at the moment (but that’s coming to early next year) and will only have access to the full Android Marketplace app store with about 70,000 apps when the new version of Android (3.0 Gingerbread) comes out in December/January.
The Vega also benefits from having a front 1.3megapixel camera for video calling, HDMI and USB ports for extra connectivity.
Seems like a bargain to me and a decent alternative to the iPad. I’ve had both an Advent computer and laptop and they lasted me for years with no problems whatsoever, something I can’t say with a lot of other major brands.

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