Will Facebook Places be the deathknell for similar services like Foursquare?

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Facebook Places and Deals was recently rolled out to the various mobile apps for iOS, Android etc, offering another mobile alternative to Foursquare and other similar services.

Personally I’ve had Foursquare installed on my iPhone and have checked in a few times at my favourite Starbucks, my appartment and the local grocery shop (and nowhere am i mayor…). The main reason why I don’t use it more often and check-in as often as I could do is that I either don’t have time or can’t be bothered (maybe both) to start from scratch in a new online society.

Chances are you already have a Facebook account and are connected to majority of your friends’ profiles, this removes the hasstle of starting afresh, everything is already connected and your friends are already seeing what your checking in to. It’s a seamless process, it’s just another feature to a website/app that 500,000,000+ of us already use on a daily basis.

With an audience that Facebook commands it would also mean both Places and Deals will be updated more frequently with new entries, and companies will be keen to offer their deals to Facebook users in all likely hood abandoning other similar services.

How then can other apps like Foursquare et al compete with the mastadon that is Facebook at the moment. Their population and brand power alone is enough to blow any start-ups into the background noise of the internet.

Will anyone be able to take a slice out of the Facebook pie and really compete on an equal footing or will it reign supreme for the forseeable future purely because of what it is?

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