Is Google creating too much “noise” in search engine results?

Google logo

Google logo

Google is clearly the search engine of choice for majority of the globe. It’s simplicity, ease of use, and good search clean search results were what made them the search engine of choice especially in the last 5 years. Bing, Yahoo,, Altavista, can’t touch them!

Google works tirelessly on improving their search engine, constantly tweaking and adjusting their indexing algorithms (which makes life for SEO agencies particularly interesting!), developing new technologies and services for their ever growing catalogue of free tools, and working on how to bring increasingly relevant results to their users.

With the additions of Places, News, Buzz, social media feeds, Maps, Youtube videos, images, all creeping into the results pages for me personally Google should just give you the results you searched for. If you then want to focus on local places, news or social media feeds select those options.

Has Google gone too far thought? As they are striving to give us the best search results in the least possible time, are they adding too many features, too many search results, too many options? Is all this “noise” actually helping us in our results, or hindering us where we are being bombarded with things we didn’t even ask for?

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