Clothing goes hi-tech

As technology is beginning to creep into every facet of our lives, gadget designers are now looking at how to incorporate technology into clothing. Here’s a look at three new innovations:

Digital Tie

Design Masters student Coskucan Gurun has developed a prototype tie that you can plug into a computer via USB or Bluetooth and can then be programmed to display any pattern and colour you wish. The tie is layered with TOLEDs (transparent organic light emitting diodes) which allow light to be passed through in countless variations. Suits can now be a little less boring!

digital tie

Image from Esquire UK Dec 2010 magazine



Wardrobe washing machine

A concept conceived by Mingsung Bae also doing a Masters in Design, this washing machine uses a combination of humidity, ionisation, ozone gas and air pressure to kill bacteria and remove stains – no water needed! Dry cleaners may not want this device to go into production but it would certainly make the life of the every day business man easier…

Wardrobe washing machine

Image from Esquire UK Dec 2010 magazine



Ping Clothing

This clothing range designed by Jennifer Darmour is again still in prototype stage. The clothes contain embedded electronics that can detect what you’re doing and where you are and send out automatic tweets. Hardware built into the clothing also lets you know if someone has replied to your tweet by simulating a tap on the shoulder.

Tapping patterns can be customised and assigned to specific people so you know who is tweeting you. The jacket can also detect for example if you unbutton it because it is hot, and will tweet about it. A little excessive if you ask me!

Ping Clothing

2 Responses to “Clothing goes hi-tech”
  1. resco32 says:

    Very cool. I like the tie bit – saves time and money I guess!

  2. kendepauw says:

    Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it.

    The digital tie is definetly cool, if I had to wear a suit for my work I’d want one of these

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