Wearable transportation, the dawn of the cyborg?

When Segway developed their revolutionary individual transportation device (made famous by former US president George W. Bush falling of it) it was all the rage and hailed as the new way to move around. However recently, at least in the UK, it seems to have falling into the depths of obscurity. Now another company has taken a page from Segway’s book and put their own spin on it.

Exmovere Holdings has developed the Chariot. It’s an upright mobility device that cocoons your legs and hips, leaving the arms and upper body free to move. Like the Segway you determine the direction and speed you travel by leaning gently in the desired direction. It’s also been designed to be able to ride up to tables or counters quite closely so you are not unnecessarily restricted. This is apparently the only hands free device of it’s kind.

The device is being particularly aimed at people who have mobility problems whether through injury or disease, and the elderly, although anyone can use and purchase a Chariot when it goes into production. In essence it acts like a pair of bionic legs (well… wheels but you get what I mean), though there is room for several options for integrating sensors and tools for hospitals, the military or hazardous environment workers. Seems the options are endless, and seems to be a good basis for future products in this field.

A cool idea in my opinion however I do question the look of it. It’s not the most elegant looking device. If it could be streamlined I could see people using this in some near distant future to get around and act as our personal transport devices where all our mobile technology needs are integrated. See the Toyota iReal for an example of a mobile transportation device that already has a vast amount of this integration (although a bit pricey!).

Although we should be careful not to end up like these fellows in the Disney movie Wall-E:Wall-E Floating Chair

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