The Real life Starship Voyager


I’ll happily be the first to admit I’m a Star Trek fan of all the series (except for the Enterprise series) and movies, even the even-numbered ones! I’ve tried turning my computer’s operating system into something resembling the Star Trek computers, the closest I came to that was the LCARS-terminal desktop replacement program, while fun at the start was a bit cumbersome to use.

Some fans do take their love for Star Trek to a new level – dressing up as Starfleet officers, buying all the memorabilia, and without fail attending all Star Trek conventions. One man Tony Alleyne took it even one step further.

After his divorce from his wife, Tony has gone Star Trek crazy and redesigned his appartment in the style of the starship Voyager. He also set up a design company, 24th Century Design, to offer house redesigns Star Trek style to other Trekkies. However the company unfortunately went bankrupt as there wasn’t much demand… However Tony isn’t letting this get him down and is loving living in his own starship/flat. He’s already saving up for another Star Trek inspired redesign.

The effect in quite remarkable if a bit over the top!

Trekkie house 1

Trekkie house 2

Trekkie house 3

Trekkie house 4

Trekkie house 5

Trekkie house 6

Trekkie house 7

Trekkie house 8

The Trekkie himself - Tony Alleyne

13 Responses to “The Real life Starship Voyager”
  1. jacks788 says:


    Thanks to sharing……………….

  2. bigjohnman says:

    That is absolutely awesome, however, “Over the top” may just be a understatement. lol. I wonder if everything is touch screen, or voice activated?

  3. Maybe just a little much? I should introduce this guy to the guy I recently blogged about who admitted to a fetish for women who “go green.” I initially thought he wanted me to be more eco-friendly — reducing, reusing and recycling a bit more.

    Not so much. He wanted to paint me green like the alien in the then-newly released Star Trek movie. Then have his way with me.



    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    • kendepauw says:

      That puts a whole new dimension on going green like you said. I can see the attraction to some alien women as exotic but painting a person green is that one step further 😛

      Whatever floats their boat I guess!

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. bannersignsexp says:

    wow you would never guess it from the outside lol

  5. All i’ve got to say is…. wow o_0

  6. prasetyalynn says:

    seems other outside…
    special inside ….:)

    Nice share…:)

  7. allovernews says:

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed from all of us here at consider it an honor to be Freshly Pressed.

  8. Uso says:

    Absolutely amazing, enough said.

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