The concept behind the world of Tron

With the new Tron Legacy movie quickly approaching it’s release date in December, it occured to me that not everyone knows the full story that is the brilliance of the Tron universe.

Majority of the movies and associated video games takes place in a virtual reality world, inside a computer mainframe. Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) is a prodigy programmer / hacker working for the software company ENCOM. An artificial intelligence program running on the ENCOM mainframe called the Master Control Program (MCP) is becoming a bit too self-aware and starts to cause havoc(as most AI systems do in movies).

Flynn breaks into a secret labrotory in ENCOM and is digitized by the MCP into the mainframe system. Computer programs are represented by people, much like the concept made popular in the Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions movies. Battles with the fabled light cycles and light discs ensue as Flynn finds himself against numerous enemy programs, specificially the MCP and his right hand man Sark.

Fast-forward 20 years to Tron Legacy, where Flynn has been trapped inside the Tron universe for all this time. He desperately gets a message out to his son in the real world to come help him, where again they fight a program’s malevolent hold over the digital world.

Tron was the first universe where the concept of a digital world inside a computer network was fully explored with great effect and visuals (considering the first movie was made in 1982), having it’s own distinct visual style. Tron in many ways can be seen as the predecessor to the Matrix trilogy.

Have a look at the Tron Legacy trailer below

2 Responses to “The concept behind the world of Tron”
  1. Shelley says:

    Correction: Flynn did not send the text to his son. His enemy, Clue did to entice Flynn out of hiding to destroy him and get his programming disc. Just saw the movie.

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