Ever wanted a Millennium Falcon? Here are the blueprints

Millennium Falcon


If you’re like me, a sci-fi junkie, you’re not doubt a fan of Star Wars (even if you think there are only 3 movies instead of 6…). The Millennium Falcon for me was the epitome of cool. It was the hot rod of space, combined with the fact that I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t put the lovable rogue Han Solo on par with Jedi Knights.

I’ve always wanted a Falcon of my own, and now we can all have one! (ignoring the fact of course that we’d have to invent some new technologies). If you’re not one to let that get in your way then have a look at these blueprints and have a crack at it.

Be sure to click for a larger image

Millennium Falcon Blueprints

Millennium Falcon Floor plan

If you can’t really be bothered with figuring out the practicalities of building your own spaceship and figuring out the theory of a hyper-drive, you can always buy a Millennium Falcon bed instead.

Millennium Falcon bed

5 Responses to “Ever wanted a Millennium Falcon? Here are the blueprints”
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  2. Sam says:

    I’m building my own full size model. About half way through so far (took 2 years to get this far). I’ll post some photos of the work in progress… The blueprints have helped heaps, thanks.

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