The promise of the flying car still unfulfilled?

Fifth Element flying cars


Flying cars have been an obsession for scientists and engineers for a long time now. Many have tried and failed to build a car that can defy gravity, just search Google for flying car images for some examples. However one company keeps popping up as one of the only credible and commercially affordable(ish) options for a modern day flying car that we might be flying around in in our lifetime.

Moller International has been developing the 4 seat Skycar M400 for most of the last decade. They’ve had their ups and downs, successes and lawsuits, breakthroughs and failures. However their prototypes are flying and using innovative technology to make flying of the car easy and as safe as can be.

The Skycar has movable engines that allow it to take off and land vertically (VTOL to you more aeronautically savvy) just like a Harrier Jump jet. In cruise mode the Skycar is capable of travelling at 275mph with a maximum flying speed of 375mph. With the on-board computer’s assistance you would be able to take off from point A, travel as the crow flies to point B and land in a parking space.

Unfortunately you’ll probably still have to wait for your Skycar for a while. Not only do Moller International have to get certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but to drive/fly the M400 you would also need a private pilot’s liscence which will allow you to operate small engines aircraft. Even then you will probably face countless restrictions and laws limiting where you can fly making the purpose of a flying car rather pointless at the moment. I won’t even contemplate the price which I’m sure will be more than your everyday Ford Focus.

So while we’re not quite at the level of the Back to the Future 2 DeLorean or the Fifth Element’s flying society, we’re at least getting there with baby steps.

Have a look at some videos of the Skycar M400 in action, and some other flying car concepts.

A concept video showing how it would be to live in a world with the Skycar

Latest design of the Moller Skycar M400

Latest design for the Moller Skycar M400

Other Moller prototypes

Collectiong of Moller flying car prototypes

Flying car concept

Flying Car with detachable wings

Flying car concept with detachable wings

Flying car with wings detached

Closer look at the detachable wings

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