An intuitive take on protecting your data from viruses

Virus Spuit by Kim Hye-won, Kim Ji-eun and Park Na-hyun

Anti-virus software is getting increasingly complicated and less wieldy to use. The number of different settings, customisations, profiles, partitions, ports, etc is making scanning your computer a chore. Couple this with the need to constantly stay vigilant due to the sheer amount of malware, viruses, spamware, trojan’s out there trying to infect your computer or … Continue reading

Help power the road by walking!

Pavegen, generating electricity by walking

TechOcular has moved: For the most recent version of this post please visit Green electricity is massive business and becoming a priority for most people. Pavegen are a new start-up company that have developed pedestrian paving slabs that harvest kinetic energy and convert it into electricty. A perfect product for cities such as London where … Continue reading

Sniper ballistics calculator for the military? There’s an App for that!

TECHOCULAR HAS MOVED: FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT Apparently now the US military are going mad over deployment of iPod Touch devices with specially developed apps aimed at helping soldiers out in the field. Apps perform a varying range of services and operations from language translation, sharing data among soldiers and divisions, … Continue reading

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