Valve is looking into controlling games with your eyes!

eye movement control

A lot of gamers believe that modern games are not suitable for disabled gamers, what with all the numerous keyboard buttons that need pressing and precise mouse movements, but Valve Software don’t share that view. “Most of the accommodations we make for disabled gamers (closed captioning/subtitles, colorblind mode, in-game pausing in single player, easier difficulty … Continue reading

How a Tsunami early warning system works

Hokusai's The Great Wave

TechOcular has moved: For the most recent version of this post please visit Tsunamis are probably one of the most powerful and destructive forces of nature. Being by-products of underwater earthquakes, these gigantic waves can decimate an entire coastline, causing untold devastation – not only to buildings and houses but to human life also. They … Continue reading

19 things you didn’t know about Star Wars

No-one can deny the importance and popularity of the Star Wars movies, as is evidenced by TechOcular’s most popular post to date about the Millenium Falcon blueprints. It’s earned itself a cult following that study every minute detail and involve themselves into the lore and culture of Star Wars. Even if your not a die-hard … Continue reading

A lightswitch that controls your entire floor!

Floor Plan Light Switch Design

We’ve all had a bunch of light switches in our house where even after years of living there we don’t know which one is the hallway switch and which is the bathroom switch, so instead we turn them both on and then play disco inferno – flicking back and forth to try and find the … Continue reading

A digitally enhanced, interactive pool table!

Obscura Cuelight Pool table

I’m sure not many people while playing a friendly game of Pool stand and think, what would make this game better? – Oh yes for the balls to have fiery trails or appear to be playing on a watery surface! Yet that shouldn’t some of us from thinking it’s a great idea and dreaming. Obscura Digital … Continue reading

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