Intel’s Museum of me, let them build you a museum

museum of me


Have you ever wanted to have a museum displaying a number of your own art works or exhibitions? How about a virtual museum completely dedicated to you?

Intel’s Museum of me campaign lets you do just that. When you browse to the Museum of Me page, you are asked to connect to your Facebook page, and after a short wait it will display a video, taking you through a “visual archive of your social life”.

It collects information such as your pictures, profile pictures of friends, personal information, videos posted by you, content posted on your wall, location information, etc. As the tour commences, users “walk” through rooms viewing all their Facebook information.

Some (including me) may find all their information on display slightly creepy and may be amazed that Intel can pull so much data from your profile to make the video. However, they are only accessing data that is already publicly available on Facebook anyway. The videos are also not public, unless users share them themselves.

In essence the video is a clever viral marketing campaign to promote the company’s new Core i5 processors, however this isn’t made entirely clear until the video’s closing seconds. Overall, Museum of Me is worth trying just once, it’s an innovative way of pulling all the information from your Facebook profile and displaying it in a fun exhibit of You.

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