About TechOcular

This website is about giving you an insight into technology.

Even if you think you aren’t interested in technology, you are. You carry around a mobile phone, you use a computer, you watch television, you browse the internet, you drive cars, you use elevators, you use a treadmill at the gym.

Almost everything in our lives is affected by technology, whether it needs to be or not. The contributors at TechOcular aim to show you some interesting gadgets and some of the latest innovations in technology that hopefully even if you don’t care about technology will get you interested.

TechOcular is currently starting out as the personal blog of , but in the near future with your help it will be launched into the mainstream, where we will all benefit from more contributors, articles and richer content updated more frequently

Any questions, or if you’re interested in working with us, just let us know.

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