Valve is looking into controlling games with your eyes!

eye movement control

A lot of gamers believe that modern games are not suitable for disabled gamers, what with all the numerous keyboard buttons that need pressing and precise mouse movements, but Valve Software don’t share that view. “Most of the accommodations we make for disabled gamers (closed captioning/subtitles, colorblind mode, in-game pausing in single player, easier difficulty … Continue reading

An intuitive take on protecting your data from viruses

Virus Spuit by Kim Hye-won, Kim Ji-eun and Park Na-hyun

Anti-virus software is getting increasingly complicated and less wieldy to use. The number of different settings, customisations, profiles, partitions, ports, etc is making scanning your computer a chore. Couple this with the need to constantly stay vigilant due to the sheer amount of malware, viruses, spamware, trojan’s out there trying to infect your computer or … Continue reading

Robot uses an Xbox 360 Kinect system to see the world

TECHOCULAR HAS MOVED: FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT I’m sure many of you have seen and heard of the amazing hacks people are performing with the new Xbox 360 Kinect system, but this one particularly drew my attention, possibly due to my own interests in robotics, computer vision and artificial … Continue reading

The concept behind the world of Tron

Kevin Flynn, creator of Tron

With the new Tron Legacy movie quickly approaching it’s release date in December, it occured to me that not everyone knows the full story that is the brilliance of the Tron universe. Majority of the movies and associated video games takes place in a virtual reality world, inside a computer mainframe. Kevin Flynn (played by … Continue reading

A tablet concept that could blow the iPad out of the water

Metatrend Smartbook

With a small army of tablets hitting stores before years end and first quarter in 2011, including a 2nd generation iPad to be released early next year, you would expect to be overwhelmed by the wealth of choice out there in the emerging tablet market. You’d be wrong. Majority of tablets recently released are already … Continue reading

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