How Star Wars changed the world

star wars

No-one can deny the influence that Star Wars has had on the sci-fi genre – spawning countless games, and movies influenced by movie series. However we can still under-estimate how much the act of making the original Star Wars movie has changed the world and influenced the development of new forms of entertainment and technologies. … Continue reading

Valve is looking into controlling games with your eyes!

eye movement control

A lot of gamers believe that modern games are not suitable for disabled gamers, what with all the numerous keyboard buttons that need pressing and precise mouse movements, but Valve Software don’t share that view. “Most of the accommodations we make for disabled gamers (closed captioning/subtitles, colorblind mode, in-game pausing in single player, easier difficulty … Continue reading

A digitally enhanced, interactive pool table!

Obscura Cuelight Pool table

I’m sure not many people while playing a friendly game of Pool stand and think, what would make this game better? – Oh yes for the balls to have fiery trails or appear to be playing on a watery surface! Yet that shouldn’t some of us from thinking it’s a great idea and dreaming. Obscura Digital … Continue reading

Should game cinematics be the new type of motion picture?

Ever since I saw the horned reaper battling a mage in the intro cinematic of Dungeon Keeper 2, I’ve been amazed by the possibilities of in-game cinematics. Full motion videos (FMV), as seen in the ever popular Command and Conquer series, were the early predecessors of cinematics and were famously plagued by hammy acting and … Continue reading

A computer within a game on a computer…?

The game in question is Minecraft. A game built by Markus Persson and his team since May 10, 2009 currently in it’s alpha form is steadily growing a cult following. The original aim of the game was for you to “place blocks while running from skeletons”. This however seems to have taken a backseat to the … Continue reading

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