Iconic Sc-fi Vehicles – The Death Star

Deat Star Cutaway

The Death Star, the ultimate weapon made by the Galactic Empire. First making it’s appearance in the original Star Wars movie, and again in The Return of the Jedi.  Along with Darth Vader, Yoda, and the Millenium Falcon, the Death Star became an icon. Sci-fi fans everywhere wanted their own planet destroying mini moon ship … Continue reading

How Star Wars changed the world

star wars

No-one can deny the influence that Star Wars has had on the sci-fi genre – spawning countless games, and movies influenced by movie series. However we can still under-estimate how much the act of making the original Star Wars movie has changed the world and influenced the development of new forms of entertainment and technologies. … Continue reading

Tissot making a leap in Augmented Reality shopping

The Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot has gone hi-tech with their new way of promoting their range of watches. In a jewelry shop in London, they are allowing passers-by to try on some watches without the need to go into the shop and deal with shop assistants through the use of a mirror and Augmented Reality. By … Continue reading

Ever wanted a Millennium Falcon? Here are the blueprints

Millennium Falcon

TECHOCULAR HAS MOVED: FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT http://www.techocular.co.uk/millennium-falcon/ If you’re like me, a sci-fi junkie, you’re not doubt a fan of Star Wars (even if you think there are only 3 movies instead of 6…). The Millennium Falcon for me was the epitome of cool. It was the hot rod of … Continue reading

The concept behind the world of Tron

Kevin Flynn, creator of Tron

With the new Tron Legacy movie quickly approaching it’s release date in December, it occured to me that not everyone knows the full story that is the brilliance of the Tron universe. Majority of the movies and associated video games takes place in a virtual reality world, inside a computer mainframe. Kevin Flynn (played by … Continue reading

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