Would you drive a transparent car?

Transparent Nissan 370z

In order to promote their new Helix Oil, the oil giant Shell wanted to show how their oil worked within a car engine and demonstrate how it would actively clean the engine. They didn’t want to resort to computer generated imagery (CGI) or X-ray images of the car and it’s engine, so they hired and … Continue reading

The promise of the flying car still unfulfilled?

Fifth Element flying cars

TECHOCULAR HAS MOVED: FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT http://www.techocular.co.uk/flying-car-promise/ Flying cars have been an obsession for scientists and engineers for a long time now. Many have tried and failed to build a car that can defy gravity, just search Google for flying car images for some examples. However one company keeps … Continue reading

A glorified wheelchair or new age of getting around?

Toyota iReal

Having briefly touch on the Toyota iReal in my previous post about wearable transportation, I thought it would be only appropriate to write a full post about this wonderful looking gadget. It’s been described as a Wall-E fatboy, a glorified wheelchair or an OAP mobility scooter, whatever you think about it you have to admit you … Continue reading

Wearable transportation, the dawn of the cyborg?

Exmovere Chariot

When Segway developed their revolutionary individual transportation device (made famous by former US president George W. Bush falling of it) it was all the rage and hailed as the new way to move around. However recently, at least in the UK, it seems to have falling into the depths of obscurity. Now another company has … Continue reading

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