Deat Star Cutaway

Iconic Sc-fi Vehicles – The Death Star

The Death Star, the ultimate weapon made by the Galactic Empire. First making it’s appearance in the original Star Wars movie, and again in The Return of the Jedi.  Along with Darth Vader, Yoda, and the Millenium Falcon, the Death Star became an icon. Sci-fi fans everywhere wanted their own planet destroying mini moon ship … Continue reading

star wars

How Star Wars changed the world

No-one can deny the influence that Star Wars has had on the sci-fi genre – spawning countless games, and movies influenced by movie series. However we can still under-estimate how much the act of making the original Star Wars movie has changed the world and influenced the development of new forms of entertainment and technologies. … Continue reading

a world of glass

A world of touchscreen glass

TECHOCULAR HAS MOVED: FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT Touchscreen technology is definetly taking off, it was revolutionised by the Apple iPhone, and since then has been incorporated into as many gadgets as possible. Even conventional laptops and desktop computers are being developed with a touchscreen in mind. It’s no surprise … Continue reading

self driving car

Taking a ride with Google’s self-driving car

It’s no secret that Google are developing cars that drive themselves, trying to break one of those science fiction technologies that we saw in movies such as Fifth Element, Demolition Man, and I Robot – and they are getting quite close too! These cars have been tested on roads since last year October and safety … Continue reading


Do you fall asleep while driving?

Soon you won’t be able too! Tiredness at the wheel is a major safety problem, not only for the person who fell asleep, but for their passengers, and others on or near roads. It’s recommended that you take regular breaks while driving and if you feel sleepy to pull over and rest, but accidents still … Continue reading

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