Flexible ePaper: the future of display screens.

Amoled ePaper

AMOLED ePaper has been rumoured and whispered about for a few years now but Korean pioneers Samsung have made several breakthroughs in this area. Samsung have been able to create a 6″ 800×480 resolution 1mm wide piece of paper that is capable of acting like a display screen. It can be bent and folded without sacrificing … Continue reading

Tissot making a leap in Augmented Reality shopping

The Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot has gone hi-tech with their new way of promoting their range of watches. In a jewelry shop in London, they are allowing passers-by to try on some watches without the need to go into the shop and deal with shop assistants through the use of a mirror and Augmented Reality. By … Continue reading

Holograms, have we done it or just a visual trick?

HoloAD 3D hologram

Ever since Holograms have been appearing and made popular in sci-fi movies, particularly Star Wars and Star Trek, scientists and engineers have been trying to crack the techniques on how to create a realistic 3D hologram system. So has it happened? Innovision Labs have created the HoloAD Diamond, a 3D holographics device thats to be … Continue reading

Wearable transportation, the dawn of the cyborg?

Exmovere Chariot

When Segway developed their revolutionary individual transportation device (made famous by former US president George W. Bush falling of it) it was all the rage and hailed as the new way to move around. However recently, at least in the UK, it seems to have falling into the depths of obscurity. Now another company has … Continue reading

Clothing goes hi-tech

Wardrobe washing machine

As technology is beginning to creep into every facet of our lives, gadget designers are now looking at how to incorporate technology into clothing. Here’s a look at three new innovations: Digital Tie Design Masters student Coskucan Gurun has developed a prototype tie that you can plug into a computer via USB or Bluetooth and can then … Continue reading

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