Even your fridge will embrace touchscreen technology soon!

Smart Fridge 1

TECHOCULAR HAS MOVED: FOR THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT http://www.techocular.co.uk/touch-screen-fridge/ Technology is creeping into everything we use and will no doubt continue to do so throughout the ages. Everyday appliances are becoming smarter and more sophisticated – soon humans will no longer be needed to make a descision as your kettle has … Continue reading

A tablet concept that could blow the iPad out of the water

Metatrend Smartbook

With a small army of tablets hitting stores before years end and first quarter in 2011, including a 2nd generation iPad to be released early next year, you would expect to be overwhelmed by the wealth of choice out there in the emerging tablet market. You’d be wrong. Majority of tablets recently released are already … Continue reading

Fancy turning your TV into a multi-touch screen? Now you can.

iTable 2010 at CeBIT

First we had Microsoft announce their development of their Surface multi-touch table top device. Very little has been heard of it since it was first announced early 2007. PQ Labs are now about to launch their iTable 2010 product at the end of this year, which comes in several different variaties. It is available as a … Continue reading

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